Helping to Clean, Cleaning to Help

Preferred Cleaning Service, established in 2015 with over 30 years of cumulative cleaning experience, has evolved into a specialized provider, particularly responding to the increased demand for high-quality cleaning services post-COVID-19. Recognizing the need for a balance between affordability and quality, the company has refined its services to cater to commercial clients’ needs, regardless of space size, committed in helping to clean, cleaning to help.

Over nearly a decade of operation, Preferred Cleaning Service has shifted from indiscriminately accepting clients solely based on payment to focusing on clients whose values align with its own. This alignment has contributed to a stable client base and fostered a culture of care, transparency, and authenticity within the company.

Helping to Clean

The company distinguishes itself not only through its external philanthropy efforts, such as assisting the homeless and supporting charities, but also through its internal culture of togetherness and empowerment. Employees feel valued and supported, contributing to a strong and dedicated workforce.

Preferred Cleaning Service’s commitment to excellence extends to its disinfection practices, utilizing modern technology and emerging techniques to ensure impeccable cleanliness and hygiene standards. The company prides itself on its adaptability and thoroughness, consistently delivering exceptional results.

Cleaning to help

Now, more than ever, keeping you and your employees safe is beyond essential. In order to maintain a hygienic environment, companies find themselves in dire need of assistance. And who better to help than a cleaning company that is determined to provide clients with the services that they deserve? Award- winning Preferred Cleaning Service is one such company. Specialising in the commercial cleaning of industrial factories, large hotels, and commercial spaces, Preferred Cleaning Service has defined itself as the US’s penultimate collective for every cleaning need.

In summary, Preferred Cleaning Service combines expertise, a client-focused approach, philanthropy, and a supportive internal culture to provide unparalleled cleaning services and make a positive impact on both its clients and the broader community.

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