Jocelyn W.


“I have been using Preferred Cleaning for a little over a year now, and they consistently do a great job in my office building. Their employees are professional, punctual, and thorough. We recently moved into a new building and the services we needed fluctuated and changed. Preferred Cleaning was flexible and adaptable to my needs.
Preferred Cleaning also provided me with a wide range of services, from new building cleaning, floor, and
window cleaning. This saved me time and the hassle of finding a different vendor to handle semiannual tasks. I
have never been anything less than completely satisfied by the work that Preferred Cleaning has done, so I
confidently recommend them for all your office cleaning needs.”



Jocelyn White
Harold Le May Enterprises

Isnelly E.


“I have had the honor and the pleasure of working with Danielle Vest for over 5 years and have had a
great working relationship with Preferred Cleaning Service, Inc for well over 15 years.

These wonderful people take ownership of the task at hand and manage as if it were their own product.
Their team comes in and does amazing work, if they have any misses, we don’t see them because their
supervisors are also very hands on and very dedicated to the work they do. Anytime I have had a last-
minute project for our CEOs or Presidents’ visits, Danielle and her team are ready to jump in. They have
not let us down, and the quality of their work makes us look good.

From the normal tasks to the extra projects to billing and finances, Danielle and the PCS team are always
very dedicated and very responsive, something I greatly appreciate as this is not the case with many
vendors we have worked with.

I am proud to recommend Danielle and her team.”


Danielle Vest

Isnelly Esparza
Coraltree Hospitality (Woodlands Unit)

Heidi M.


“On Behalf of the Shelton-Mason County Chamber of Commerce, I recommend Preferred Cleaning Service, Inc without reservation. I had considered switching the cleaning service for our visitor center over to PCS months  before we made the change. I wish I had gone with them sooner.

PCS works hard to deliver on its motto ” Cleaning Service that You Deserve”. Their staff is skilled, communicative, and put out high quality work . Having an older location, they assessed how to streamline the process, making recommendation on updating hardware and equipment to be consistent and to ease the replacement of supplies. This has been beneficial to maintain inventory and decreased my staff’s time. Their pricing is reasonable and affordable. I also appreciate working with the same members of their staff, allowing us to work seamlessly with them.

Preferred Cleaning Service has become a part of our team, performing at a high level and complementing our company as a partner, not a simply another vendor. I strongly recommend their services. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me”.


Heidi McCutcheon
Shelton-Mason County Chamber of Commerce