An Influencing Entrepreneur Who Advocates for Uplifting Individuals

An influencing entrepreneur who advocates for uplifting individuals, Danielle’s entrepreneurial journey leading to the establishment of Preferred Cleaning Service Inc. is rooted in her passion for working with people. Honed through experiences in the hospitality and service industry. Flourishing in fast-paced environments, Danielle strategically positioned herself for growth, culminating in the founding of her own business.

Beginning with a maid service, Danielle gained insights into the cleaning industry. She further leveraged by transitioning into the commercial sector after two successful years. This move aimed at stability and substantial growth, setting the stage for Preferred Cleaning Service Inc.

The company stands as a pinnacle of excellence in commercial cleaning. Exceeding industry standards to provide transformative enhancements to client spaces. Danielle, an award-winning CEO, excels not only in business but also in supporting startups and mentoring talents.

Beyond business achievements, Danielle prioritizes community thriving and to continue to be an influencing entrepreneur who advocates for uplifting individuals. Fostering an environment within her company where individuals can authentically express themselves and cultivate growth. Her involvement in various ventures, including senior living and healthcare initiatives, aligns with her mission to make a positive impact.

Looking ahead, Preferred Cleaning Service Inc. envisions global expansion with a client-centric approach. Emphasizing quality and adapting offerings to diverse markets. Through dedication to excellence and sustainable growth, the company aims to establish itself as a benchmark in the international cleaning services arena.

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